Pray the gay away

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Because of Trump’s victory at the presidential elections Mike Pence, a man characterised by his extremely homophobic views, will become the next vice-president of the US. Not only does he oppose gay marriage, which has recently been legalised in the whole country, but he also approves of gay conversion therapies. During such a therapy session LGBTQ people are attempted to be ‘cured’ of their sexualities. In other words, the therapists try to turn LGBTQ people into straight people. For their own good, supporters claim, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Procedures of these therapies can vary. However, it’s highly common for the therapist to make his patients believe that homosexuality is dangerous, bad and immoral. He often adds that God radically disapproves of their sinful ‘lifestyle’ and that they will burn in hell if they continue their ‘perverted behaviour’. These religion-based accusations and humiliations usually seem to be ineffective. Very often the patient ends his therapy in a depressed and insecure state, sometimes along with suicidal tendencies.

The reason these conversion therapies never have the desired result is simple: there just isn’t anything to cure the patient of. Your sexual orientation is not something you can choose, so it’s not something you can just change, either. If that were the case, something like gay conversion would be unnecessary, since LGBTQ people would probably be inexistent.

Although this cannot be proven, I can say with 99% certainty that every member of the LGBTQ community has at some point in their lives wished they were straight. After all, nobody wants to be the minority. Nobody wants to be different if that means being judged and discriminated by others. Nobody wants to risk relationships with friends and family if they heavily disapprove of that person’s sexuality. So let me say this clearly one more time: your sexual orientation is NOT a fucking choice. If we could have ever chosen to be straight, we would have. But we have eventually managed to accept the fact that we can’t, so perhaps it’s time for homophobic people to do the same.

Whether the next vice-president’s ideology will actually change the popularity of gay conversion therapies is uncertain, since a lot of people see this practice as unethical. On top of that, there’s something called separation of church and state. Given the fact that Mike Pence’s homophobia is based solely on his religious beliefs, it should theoretically be impossible. Every day, however, the US proves not to always respect said separation of church and state. For example, there is still a reference to God in the Pledge of Allegiance and witnesses called to the stand in court are obligated to swear on the Bible that they will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. The US is becoming more tolerant and better informed on homosexuality, though. The idea that it’s possible to pray the gay away practically only lives in the minds of the most conservative American citizens. Especially young people realise that LGBTQ people can’t be ‘fixed’. The few who support gay conversion therapies are about the only ones who still believe they can be. One day they will have to realise that those vain therapies only cause remaining psychological damage, however. There is nothing wrong with us, but there is a lot wrong with them.

But that’s just my opinion …


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